Get ready for Christmas.


It wont be long until we are getting ready for Christmas. What is it? 90 days away now? So how can you get your home ready for extra guests and festive fun?

Firstly, stop hiding that old sofa of yours under throws or blankets. You could go buy yourself a brand new sofa but what is the wait time on most new sofas? 8 weeks?  Probably cutting it a bit fine even in September (which is fast going to be October). At Furniture Restoration we can reupholster your sofa in 2 weeks. That’s right, 2 weeks.  That will include new foam, a material of your choice and any repair work that may need to be carried out.

How is your dining room table and chairs looking?

How much better would your Christmas decorations look on your table if it was freshly polished or had reupholstered chairs? The example below shows the huge improvement one of our customers had when they had their dining  chairs restored with us. Restoring is also an opportunity to bring a whole new look to your furniture. Our team would be more than happy to discuss some more extreme changes to your furniture.

Before and After dining room chairs

Is the furniture in your spare room in working order?

If you are going to have guests you will need space for their clothes. If your furniture has dodgy doors or falling drawers we can help you get that back into shape.

Have you been in your attic or shed lately?

Do you have someone who is always hard to shop for? Well maybe you have some old antique or vintage stuff lying around in your shed. We can bring it back to life for you. This Michellin man statue was restored by our team last year and our client was extremely happy with it.

Michelin Man