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  It wont be long until we are getting ready for Christmas. What is it? 90 days away now? So how can you get your home ready for extra guests and festive fun? Firstly, stop hiding that old sofa of yours under throws or blankets. You could go buy yourself a brand new sofa but what is the wait time on most new sofas? 8 weeks?  Probably cutting it a bit fine even in September (which isRead More
We are all about reusing and restoring old furniture here at Furniture Restoration Ireland :”You need a new finish not new furniture”. But what if you are just starting our and you don’t have any old furniture? Some mass produced companies with their easy build and retro feel can be very appealing. But is that really what you want? Will that stand the test of time? Or do you want are some real unique quality itemsRead More
  Here at Furniture Restoration Ireland we love helping people rediscover their furniture. We recently had a lovely customer in who had purchased this dresser 20 years ago! The customer did not want to get rid of it but also felt that a restoration to its original state wasn’t right for her either. We discussed all the options she has available for a new look. The transformation. The first step with this project was sanding. The benefitsRead More

Furniture Restoration

Posted by blogadmin on June 28, 2017
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Furniture can break down in many way over the years. Discolouration, broken legs, loose part or even more extensive damage like water or fire. It is best to fix the damage once you become aware of it. Ignoring the problem will just cause more damage. We are often asked why should someone repair the furniture rather than replace it. Here are a few reasons why you should repair rather than replace. •Of course, you canRead More