Upcycled Dresser


Here at Furniture Restoration Ireland we love helping people rediscover their furniture. We recently had a lovely customer in who had purchased this dresser 20 years ago!

The customer did not want to get rid of it but also felt that a restoration to its original state wasn’t right for her either. We discussed all the options she has available for a new look.

The transformation.

The first step with this project was sanding. The benefits of getting Furniture Restoration Ireland to restore your furniture is all of our team are experts in the area.

At Hanley’s Furniture Restoration, we have 30 years experience in the handling of antiques and fine art. We have extensive knowledge in all areas of furniture restoration, reupholstery, French polishing & Furniture Repairs.

Sanding your furniture at home yourself with the wrong paper can damage your piece of furniture.

When our team had completed the sanding they prepared the wood with a primer.

Primer is a thin paint that soaks into the grain slightly. When you apply the paint directly to bare timber the moisture can be soaked out of the paint. Resulting in it drying too quickly and potentially causing flaking.

We then painted the drawers and front in an off white.  We kept the top of the dresser and mirror natural. This created a nice contrast.

It has really added new life to an old piece. The customer was delighted with the new look.


If you have any old furniture that you would like to give a new lease of life give us a call to discuss your options.