Furniture Restoration

Furniture can break down in many way over the years. Discolouration, broken legs, loose part or even more extensive damage like water or fire.
It is best to fix the damage once you become aware of it. Ignoring the problem will just cause more damage.
We are often asked why should someone repair the furniture rather than replace it.

Here are a few reasons why you should repair rather than replace.

•Of course, you can throw away your old furniture but they just don’t make furniture like they used to.
•Maintain the same feel of the room
•Keep the family memories of the antiques
•Save money and time
Repairing old furniture can breath life back into your living space. If  you are lucky enough to have antique furniture it is always a focal point of any room.
So now we have convinced you to repair rather than buy new furniture let’s talk about the repair part.

D.I.Y option

Basic repairs are not difficult and can be completed over a few days. Simple repainting or tightening of screws are easy for most of us, and can help update your look.
Before you begin any restoration project, be sure you understand exactly what’s involved and what tools or materials are needed. If you are using any products with fumes, consider doing the project outside or in a well-ventilated area. If you just don’t have the time to do it yourself call in the experts .

Hire a professional

If the furniture is an antique, requires reupholstering or you are constrained by time, you should call in Furniture Resturation Ireland. Tackling a project you are not equipped for can make tHe situation worse. At Hanley’s Furniture Restoration, the team have over 39 years experience in working with antiques. They have extensive knowledge in all areas of restoration and reupholstery.
No matter what your damaged furniture is in need of, FRI have the expertise to make it look new.
So before you head off to the dump with that worn leather sofa or scratched dining room table, call Furniture Restoration Ireland.